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Thank you very much for your interest in erfi product catalogues. You can call up your catalogues directly and easily from erfi, either for mailing  them or alternatively as download. In any case you will receive the requested product information rapidly and free of charge. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Catalogue elneos

Per download you will receive the catalogue as PDF of the new device system elneos five or the new working place system elneos connect in German or in English.

If you choose send by post as well as the language version you will receive a high class elneos compact box with both catalogues for your planning.

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  Download catalogue (PDF)
elneos five
  Download catalogue (PDF)
elneos connect

adv eCatalogue elneos® five english

eCatalogue elneos® five german

eCatalogue elneos® connect english

eCatalogue elneos® connect german

eCatalogue elneos connect french





Catalogue ( all products of erfi )
  For each erfi product group you will receive the comprehensive catalogue with detailed information for your plannings.
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Product overview
  Working place systems, measuring and testing devices, test systems: You will receive a complete overview of all erfi product groups.
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Furniture System varantec®

For you varantec® (variable connection technology), the most powerful aluminium working place system without compromise. You will receive two comprehensive catalogues which allow you to compile yourself quite easily your varantec working places.


The completely newly designed varantec ordering catalogue containing all order numbers and technical data inclusive reference photographs of large facilities.




varantec - the flexible aluminium working place system meeting the requirements of:
- Development and research departments
- Production and assembly
- Computing centres and control rooms
- Safety departments and test facilities
- Training centres for technical professions
- Professional schools, technical colleges, universities
- Office and administration


varantec®- The trademark for variance and efficiency
Both catalogues emphasize on more than 360 pages the qualitative and innovative pretensions of varantec and disclose the outstanding market position of this flexible furniture system.
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  varantec®-Ordering catalogue

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  Download Orderingcatalogue (PDF):



  Download Imagebrochure (PDF):












Furniture System ABZ®
  ABZ® - the consistent economic workiing place system from A to Z. This furniture system has been completely newly developed by erfi. The special feature of ABZ®:: The rear adaptation of a novel aluminium profile technology. Thus, ABZ® is an all-rounder and has raised in the league of aluminium furniture systems.

1.) ABZ®-Laboratory
The furniture lsystem for the laboratory,test room, service and development.
Due to the unique insert board programme acto® a highly efficient programme of small devices has been presented which underlines the innovative leadership of erfi in the field of telecontrollable power supplies and measuring devices.

2.) ABZ®-Didactic
This equipment line meets all requirements in the field of training and further education and is ideally suited for professional schools, technical colleges, universities and also for other training centres.

3.) ABZ®-Assembly
With ABZ®-Assembly a powerful equipment line has been designed which meets all possible requirements in the field of production and assembly.

ABZ®- the new trademark offers everything! From A to Z.
The highlights of this offensive model group will be of decisive advantage to your complete company.

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  Download catalogue (PDF):












erfi instruments:
Intelligente 19"-Measure- u. Testing, AC/DC and others
The new erfi instruments catalogue is now available!
The comprehensive compendium for the 19" electronic laboratory equipment emphasizes erfi`s claim for leadership on the market of electronic laboratory systems.
The benchmark has been newly defined!
erfi instruments are representative for all
3 erfi device programmes
  acto (19"-insert board system)
    The new compact intelligence!
  basic (19"-device system)
    The professional system for all requirements!
  highlab (19"-device system)
    The design with certain extras:
-   Safety against vandalism for
    your laboratory equipment
-   Laboratory equipment
-   Unequaled functional design,
-   International design awards

This catalogue includes the most efficient 19'' device systems with more than 1000 devices for training and industry. The whole world of electronics with all new developments is combined in this catalogue and clearly presented.

General information:

  • Examples of integrating the individual device systems and practical examples
  • erfi cable management system
  • The most modern telecontrollable laboratory equipment with Ethernet interfaces and many more
  • Telefonctrollable electronic laboratories and erfi network engineering
  • Telecontrollable software highlink Power

Device groups:

  • Mains modules (safety and switching units)
  • AC and three-phase power supplies
  • Frequency inverters
  • Engine test stations
  • DC power supplies
  • Function generators
  • Measuring devices, digital multimeters, and many more
  • Pneumatic units
  • Energy and auxiliary equipment
  • Testing devices for electronic safety and function
  • 19''-accessories
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  Download catalogue (PDF):
















  The new compact stand-alone devices in a modern table casing allow the flexible use in laboratories and in your working environment!

Intelligent and telefontrollable control devices, function generators and many more of the erfi device programme "erfi instruments"!

Now available as mobile hand-held unit !

Due to the newly developed compact casing, erfi instruments follow you now in all directions! Take advantage of this new mobilityt!


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  Download catalogue (PDF):






Test Systems for electrical safety tests and function
CANclass® Compact Tester
  For all electrical safety tests in conformity with the new Europe-wide standards n
(CE identification marking)

EN 60204 and VDE 0113, VDE 0700, VDE 0701 resp. and others.

High-voltage, insulation, earth conductors, leakage current and function tests.
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  Download catalogue (PDF):





Trainig System
erfi Didactic News
  The latest training and education instruments for:
  •  ectrical plumb trade
  • industrial plumb trade
  • automation with Logo!
  • automation with S7 1200
  • drive technology with SINAMICS S 120, G 110; G 120
  • handel and observe
  • KNX / EIB ? building system technology
  • photovoltaic - regenerative energy
  • latest labor equipment
erfi Didactic
  The trademark for the most modern teaching aids for all electrical professions.
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  Download catalogue (PDF)
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  Download catalogue (PDF):





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