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Stand-alone devices - mobile and telecontrollable

The new telecontrollable stand-alone control devices and function generators render mobile and independent of the working place.

Due to their innovative processor technology they have an unequaled high degree of functionality and precision. A utility patent and a patent have been applied for the completely newly developed measuring process of the control devices.


Technical highlight such as plug-and-play function, integrated ramp generators for long-term tests, chart functions, RS232 interfaces and USB interfaces are only some of the many highlights besides the outstanding technical control parameters and are serially integrated in these modern devices.  

This newly defines the benchmark.


Take advtange of the new automatic measurement data logging. 

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Here you are able to compose the equipment of your device and to send it to us. A few seconds later your will receive our binding offer in PFD format or per e-mail.


Scope of supply control devices / function generators

  1. Intelligent control device with
    • integrated microprocessor system,
    • freely programmable ramp generator,
    • measuring board for current and voltage measurement

  1. Intelligent function generator with

·         integrated microprocessor system,

·         measuring board for amplitude and frequency,

·         frequences up to 20 MHz,

·         universal counter up to 100 MHz and occurence counter,

·         wobble operation internal and external, ramp  

·         single current puls, amplifier, attenuator up to 40 dB,

·         PWM operation, multilingual menu navigation 


  1. Incorporated in an elegant aluminium casing RAL5011 (steel blue)
  2. RS232 interface, USB interface (both at the front)
  3. Power lead 2m, RS232 interface cable   
  4. Device software highlink® (1 CD)
  5. Instructions with control commands (own programming)


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