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Thanks to innovative ideas and high-quality products, erfi has gained an excellent reputation with users at home and abroad. Convince yourself and start a journey through the whole world of erfi products. 

Experience the erfi product spectrum, its aesthetics and variance for 
>> Technical working place systems, >> Measuring and testing devices, >> Test systems and >> Training systems

Compact System elneos


It’s live now! – The new working place system elneos connect and the new device system elneos five by erfi. elneos® is fresh and lively, intelligent and flexible.
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Working place systems


You need many things at your working place but no compromises. High-quality aluminium profiles from erfi
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Measuring and testing devices


erfi instruments - newly define the benchmark of the electronic laboratory world. Take advantage of the advance in innovation with the new telecontrollable laboratory equipment from erfi!
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Test systems


erfi test systems for all electronic safety and function tests. Compact testing devices and fully automatic test systems  All from one supplier!
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Training systems


erfi Didactic completes the comprehensive programme of laboratory equipment from erfi by the most modern teaching material for all professions in the electric field.
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erfi Planofix

The erfi Planofix enables you to organise quickly and simply your own working place according to your individual needs and ideas.

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